Spring for Chanel initially looked like a barn yard romp but it was more of a barn yard stroll. That whole out-doorsy, get a tan, ride a horse Chanelism was there in what I think was hosiery with a white criss-cross imprint that made the models look like they’d been out in the sun all day and got some tan-lines on their legs.
The sugary pink looks at the start were waaay frou frou but it is a spring collection and a fun one at that. There was a dreadful set of dresses in red, white and blue with tacky flowers dotted over them but nevermind. The appeal of a Chanel show is that you can always find at the very least, one thing that you want. For me it was the fluffy jackets that reminded me of spring chickens. So cute right? As for the clog heels. I dunno about clogs, I mean fuck, did you see the hot clog mess at LV? No? Let me remind you.


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