Celine Spring/Summer 2010 Review

It's exciting to see former head designer of Chloe, Phoebe Philo come back to fashion after taking time off to start a family. Has she been away for too long? Perhaps. When Philo was at Chloe she was designing clothes that girls had to have. Now she's back but this time she's at Celine. Celine was primarily an accessories business and when you try to branch out into ready to wear it can be hard to translate a bag into a dress or take inspiration from a shoe to make a top. I think that's something Philo is grappling with and she's still thinking about where to take Celine. For spring there were leather t-shirts in black and a rather dubious clay colour, wheat coloured linen skirts, flared, high-waisted pants with sharp little matching belts which showed Philo's love of the 70's.
Mining trends from the 70's can always be a bit dicey and I'm not sure this collection hit the mark. I felt there was too much Chloe in this collection and not enough Celine. Whoever the Celine girl is, I'm sure Philo will find her. Maybe next season.


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