Spring saw Donatella Versace return to her old design ideals and pump out a sexually charged collection. Over the past few seasons there's been a marked change in Versace’s designs. Gone were the acid-bright prints and glitzy trash gold Medusa head leaving a more sophisticated and approachable aesthetic. Insiders say this change was due to recently departed Versace CEO Giancarlo Di Risio. Apparently he oversaw the entire design process and encouraged a more commercial look. This is the first collection without his alleged input and, well, the change is evident. At first I thought ‘wow, Versace is making you re-examine what it is to be sexy right now.’ Now I’m thinking, ‘no she’s just doing what she does best, slutty clothes.’
When was the last time you saw a fresco printed plastic micro-mini on the runway? Donatella played with spring’s pastel palette using lavender, lemon and peach but threw in zestier limes and an acrid yellow on a perforated leather dress with metal draped inserts and studs. Sound terrible? It was. But not everything was Hollywood Champagne bar stripper garb. If you take away the mini skirts there were some beautiful jackets that’d look smart for the office and a good selection of tasteful leather bags.

The final looks were classic amped up Versace and red carpet ready. An aqua coloured dress with a side cut-out and a thigh/crotch grazing split left me thinking oh god, who’s gonna try and wear that?


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