While I write this review it’s about 11am-ish in Paris which means fashion week has just begun. There’ll probably be no photos to look at until tomorrow so in the mean time I thought I’d catch up on some collections I’ve not looked at from Milan. I think Limi Feu and Gareth Pugh are showing today. Squeal!
What’s really struck me after looking at the Ferragamo collection is just how flawless the craftsmanship is in Milan. But the fabrics too! No one else, including Paris, can make clothes like Italians. The Ferragamo collection is ready to wear and it looks like freakin couture.
The collection started with some nice pieces that focused on silhouette. Unlined cocoon sleeved jackets, curvy jodhpurs and bouncy blouses looked soft and inviting. There was plenty of texture via way of snake skin on skirts and there was a nice wavy, bubbled texture on a lemon blouse.
Ferragamo is primarily a leather goods company and they did some sexy fold-over snakeskin bags in raspberry, yellow, taupe and white.I just went to to steal some images *blush* and read the review. Ouch. Nicole Phelps can be such a cunt. What I didn't know was that this was head designer Cristina Ortiz's final collection. She didn't cut the mustard so they replaced her with their menswear designer.


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