Matthew Williamson has left the house. Thank god, I really don't like what he does anyway.
So now they've got Peter Dundas (formerly of Ungaro) at the helm. I looked at this collection and I could just imagine the CEO in a meeting with Dundas.
CEO- We're looking for something, youthful, sexy, edgy. Kinda like, oh gee, what's that label? Ah yes, Balmain. Just do Balmain.
Dundas- Yes sir.
I dunno, this is just another Milan collection where I can't fault the creativity, the workmanship, the sheer work that goes into making a collection etc but it's just so...blah. Like, yeah, you did a sequined mini dress. AMAZE ME GOD-DAMMIT! So now Pucci will be the next hot label. The feathered, tassled dress pictured will be on every red carpet in a town near you.
ps, How hot is model Rose Cordero? She's so Grace Jones.


Anonymous said...

The men's stuff looks like Dunhill suffering a mid-life crisis. The stuff that actually looks like Gucci, like the loose, leather tights and there new lace boot made me change my underwear twice. NB

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