I've been eagerly awaiting this collection and got a wee shock of excitement when I saw images and reviews posted on The NY Times. So far the reviews are fairly negative from Cathy Horyn and Suzy Menkes. I made a little comment on Cathy's blog about the collection, took a shower and mulled over what I'd seen.
I initially said that the collection wasn't optimistic and that buyers and press are geared for upbeat collections after New York set that tone thanks to Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Narciso Rodriguez, Calvin Klein, well the list goes on.
Now that I've thought about it more and looked at the pics again I think it definitely was optimistic but in a humourous way and that isn't gelling with people.
I think people were expecting a fantastic Miuccia mind-fuck but instead got a stylish whoopee cushion.
The collection had some sharp steely grey coats, bermuda shorts and too-short shirts. The coats and shorts had frayed edges which was unexpected. The collection then moved through to some postcard printed shorts and ugly cross-wrapped tops before taking a turn into split baby-doll shaped tops in some crinkly textured fabric, a key trend emerging for spring. Finally there was the plastic chandelier dresses layered over knickers and brief white tops. They had similarities in the fall lace collection from 2009 and the chain-mail dresses from fall 02.
The accessories were typical Miuccia ugly-pretty. The shoes were pretty in shape but ugly in lucite with jangling plastic crystals everywhere. Then the bags with traditional shapes but done in beach-ready plastic pushed the boundaries of taste which is what Prada do every season.

Below is an outfit from Prada's Fall 2002 collection


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