I find with American collections there's a very straightforwardness to design: clean, sporty and beautiful. It's like the clothes are saying I'm not here to jerk you around. Try me on, you'll look amazing. not so with Marc Jacobs. Perhaps it's his time spent in Paris that led him to say of the collection "It's about giving people things to dream of and romanticize about."
He certainly fulfilled that statement and sent out cream-puff frills a-plenty, sportif touches such as bum-bags and silver bike shorts, underwear as outerwear, some very realistic knitwear, Kawakubo-like military jackets with full prairie skirts, seersucker harem pants and a defiant shoe statement for next summer: flats. There was so much to take in for Marc's Spring show that there's not a shadow of a doubt women the world over will be dreaming of getting their hands on those beautiful clothes.


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