Fetherston's collection started off really well with some fantastic daywear that was mostly above the knee, in easy on the eye colours, particularly an iridescent blue (almost like Lanvin blue). There was a cute heart and bow motif that showed up on belts and wrap-ties.

Then everything went a bit wrong. Fetherston cut nearly all dresses and tops with a deep V. At first it served well sexing up some otherwise sugary looks but took a bizarre turn about half-way through the show with an ugly brown print was thrown in (upon closer inspection it turns out these were sequins made to look like the pelt of a deer), passe exposed zippers to toughen up some looks and then there was the black, sheer top. Tits out at Fetherston? I don’t think that’s why girls go to her. If they want sex they’ll go House of Harlot. The show was also hampered with bad styling in the form of lace gloves and hats which the collection didn’t need. But redemption came in the form of some amazing black dresses that recalled Tom Ford at YSL, albeit more toned down.


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