Disappointing presentation.
I don’t know how models contracts work but what’s the difference between models standing around by a wall or strutting down a catwalk? Do agencies charge more for a catwalk run versus a presentation? Sure the venue could be massively down-scaled by having a presentation thus saving money but yeah it’s lacking something.
Anyway, the clothes reminded me of Burberry and that’s kinda unavoidable considering both houses started out making coats but the washed out crinkled texture of some of Aquascutum’s coats looked like Burberry-lite.
That’s not to say they weren’t chic though but the skirts and dresses were hideous, floor dusting monsters. I can’t remember rightly but I heard a few months back that there was some problems at Aquascutum. I can’t remember exactly what those problems were. Maybe cash flow?

*Just googled it, turns out British company Jaeger recently purchased Aquascutum. Looks like the Japanese owners weren't happy with it. I'm not surprised.


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