In an ever-increasing fast-paced life of work, work, work; Alberta Ferretti has created a sartorial antidote for spring: a soft-focus, romantic collection that politely says “relax”.
The opening look was quite beachy with a wide-brimmed hat seductively covering the eyes of the model. This was worn with a long white shirt with a bib wrap that looked like macramé. Ferretti played with transparency which is popping up everywhere despite my thoughts that sheer dressing was dead and done four seasons ago.
There were nice flat white leather shoes and it was refreshing to see a below the knee dress. There were plenty of dreamy colours too. Blush, olive, violet and a squiggly piped appliqué running around the sides of a pale lavender dress were pretty without being sugary and also dealt a card to spring’s texture story.


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