I had the most insane weekend. I finished work at 9pm then went to my friends house and got massively drunk. Nothing unusual there.
After that we went to John. It's a monthly fag party in Chinatown. Nothing unusual there either.

So I was staggering about the place and my friend was chatting to this guy and who did I see swanning past? Bryanboy, Manila's reigning queen of style.
I was standing between my friend and this other guy and just cut off their conversation and pointed across the room. Is that Bryanboy? The guy who was talking to my friend turned and told me yes, it was his friend Bryan and that he'll introduce me. SQUEAL!
Anyway, he was very gracious to have a faggy fan bugging him. I remember slurring why come to Melbourne? His response? It's not that bad.

Werq it


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