Everyone’s heard the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But why not?

I’m aware that sounds horrible especially as we all know what it’s like to get fashion daggers from some snooty bitch at a cocktail party. It’s that brief moment when you meet someone and they slash their way disdainfully through your outfit in a split second leaving you wounded, wishing you could leap across and slap them.
That's all

They make their pleasantries and politely excuse themselves out of earshot so they can ridicule your outfit. Oh the tragedy of it all.
You’ve probably also heard the story about the scruffy man that walks into the department store but leaves empty handed because the staff refuse to serve him. That’s right, it turns out he’s a multi-millionaire and was willing to spend, spend, spend. Who cares?
Big mistake

Why not judge someone by how they choose to present themselves to the world? It’s instinctual. The word ‘judge’ has a negative quality to it in these situations when all you’re really doing is forming an opinion on someone. It’s one of the less amiable things we do when sizing someone up. Other things I guess would include verbal communication or looking at body language. Judging someone is often thought of as snide and bitchy even when it’s not. Of course if you gleefully tell you’re friends about what you've just seen then yes, you’re a snide bitch. But wear your glee with pride.

It’s not something that’s going to go away and everyone’s guilty of doing it regardless of race, gender or more importantly how well dressed people are. Everyone does it, it’s normal. Normal doesn’t make it okay, but it’s still normal.
Think about how far you take this. On what scale and how seriously do you judge people by their appearance? Say socks with Crocs…interesting.

Easy target really and such a common occurrence in suburban strip-malls that you mightn’t even bat an eye-lid. On an extreme scale now. How about YSL Tributes? Sorry, it’s all about the cage boot right now. Get away from me peasant.
YSL Tributes

YSL Cage Boots

So why do we have to be so nasty about our observations? Maybe I’m just too witty. Maybe I’m just a shallow, bitter person who needs to mock others to feel better about myself. A little from column A, a little from column B.
In an ideal world being scrubbed up with clean hair and a neat, tidy appearance should suffice. In an ideal world I wouldn’t have to go to the gym.


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