So why did Lagerfeld photograph Allen looking a little Holly Golightly? Fuck knows. It's all quite bland really. I thought anything Hepburn-like was reserved for Givenchy though I doubt head designer Ricardo Tisci has the time or stupidity to go down that road trying to re-live the houses past glories like Julien Macdonald did.
I presume they're trying to sell ugly bags to pretty young things with plastic to drop. Is this really Chanel's market for their handbag line?
They're not quite entry-level pieces into the world of Chanel (it's often fragrance, wallets, purses), but then again the bags pictured aren't classics like the 2.55 so perhaps there's not a waiting list for pieces like this making them accessible. They're just so damn ugly.


sutureself said...

The big tote bag looks especially bad, like it was made out of a parka.
And is Lagerfeld trying to be funny/ironic by dressing Lily Allen as Audrey Hepburn? The latter was a UN ambassador and the former is often pictured showing the world her third nipple.

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