I totally forgot to post this a while back so it's kinda old news but I was flicking through my hard-drive deleting images (midget porn) and I came across this image of Kanye West, hard at work at Louis Vuitton.
That's right, Mr West did a 'collaboration' with Louis Vuitton on a range of sneakers.
I can only presume he sent them his resume detailing years of experience in footwear design and manufacturing to have landed such a prestigious opportunity. His deft hand, eye for colour and proportion have served him well. As you'll see in the below image Mr West doesn't even need to remove his sunglasses while working. Most normal people would have to take them off because they wouldn't be able to discern the colours properly, but not Mr West, he's a master colourist leaving designers such as Dries Van Noten looking like a novice. Here's the stunning results.


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