You can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to be resplendent in a black fitted Dior suit with a high white collar (it covers his flip-floppy vagina neck) and you can always expect to see Victoria Beckham toting an Hermes Birkin (it attempts to cover her flip-floppy personality).
I imagine when they meet their friends for coffee they're like "oh Vicky, not another Birkin! Why not a Kelly for a change?" Posh would nonchalantly say "It's just my thing".
So what the fuck is with Alex Perry and his end of season clearance sunglasses on his head all the time?
We know you're bald Perry and the not so subtle hair diversion doesn't work. It's just not your thing. I wonder if he wears them when he's getting fisted in a harness at Bodyline
Here he is pictured with Megan Gale. Zzzzz.


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