There’s definitely a welcome continuity to Ricardo Tisci’s work at Givenchy. He continually builds on a fitted silhouette, gothic touches, hard-edged glamour, monotone outfits and subtle S&M references. There’s always an open toe boot or platform too; something Tisci clearly has a penchant for.
This season he didn’t miss a beat and covered these signatures exquisitely by casting his eye to the middle East. A neat, swingy little furry white jacket modestly trimmed with gold discs was beautiful.
The main colours were black, white, beige and accents of heavy gold jewelry and some interesting resin arm-bands with spiky rings also in beige. This is merely styling though and not the meat of the collection.
It may be a little samey as previous collections but a lot can be said of continuity and I think Tisci is the most interesting designer in couture at the moment.


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