I had to buy a magazine today to pass the time at work. I had a flick through the usual suspects (AU Vogue, Harpers etc) and was not interested. The August issue of AU Vogue is crap. I know that magazines rely on advertisers but to have a model on the front cover in head to toe Gucci? What are you trying to say Vogue? It says whipped.
I found the March issue of Italian Vogue. It was sealed in plastic with two other special editions, an accessory edition and a haute couture edition. Combined they were the size of an Encyclopedia Britannica. I snapped up the lot for $15 which is cheap. Yeah sure it’s March but whatever, it’s Italian Vogue! And who can fork out $30 for the latest air-freighted issue in times like these? I’ll do anything to save a penny these days. I use Pine-O-Clean on my face instead of toner and re-sole my brogues with tree bark.
Oh, I also got Grazia which I love. I believe their target market is rich, middle-aged women who love gossip and sleeping pills. So how did I fall into this demographic? Because I hope to be one someday.




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