Galliano has often said in the past that the couture collections are a springboard of ideas for the ready to wear and after viewing this collection I thought, what could you possibly draw from this and translate to RTW?
The collection was flawless, the craftmanship was superb as to be expected but I felt it lacked imagination.
This got me thinking 'what do you expect from a couture collection?'
The collection was one of Galliano's most restrained. In an economy like this a blow-out collection like those of the early 00's is inappropriate, we get it, but a lack of creativity? That, I do not. Apparently it was a return to house codes, the bar suit, the leopard print. Put whatever spin you like on it marketeers.
What should we expect as people who are not in the realms of couture clientele?
It amounted to extemely tasteful, wearable, ostentation-free clothes that clients will love. If that's what they want, why should they be deprived of that? I'm certainly not picking up the slack, running off to Paris for three fittings and buying up what the ladies who lunch dare not wear.
These women are keeping the wheels of couture spinning. In a time like this if Dior want to keep tradition alive then perhaps it's wise of Galliano to tone it down and make wearable couture for a change.
I believe couture should allow us to dream but this collection had me wide awake.
Below are some images from previous collections to compare with the latest.



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