It's interesting to see what couture on a budget looks like and that's what Christian Lacroix showed recently in what could possibly be his last haute couture collection.
The company that owns Lacroix filed for protection from creditors, which I think is like declaring insolvency. In not so subtle words, the biz is being flushed down the crapper.
Back in 1993, luxury conglomerate LVMH purchased Lacroix for 14.5 million, then sold the company in 2005 to Falic Group most likely because Lacroix never turned a profit. At the time, Simon Falic, chairman of the Falic Group said "We love Lacroix. He is the diamond in our company – he will be our Dior."
Four years later and diamonds have turned to coal.
All the people that work for Lacroix, the seamstresses, embroiderers etc, worked for free. Only the models were paid fifty Euros each.
The collection was Lacroix's most restrained, featuring mostly black and midnight blue dresses. This is also his most wearable couture collection but is it too little too late? Perhaps if he'd been doing this back in 2005 then he may still have had a company because when you strip away all the bows, beading and gold the collection was still the essence of Lacroix.
Is this Lacroix's final couture collection? I doubt it. I imagine it's like asking him to stop breathing. Impossible. I've no doubt his work will continue, perhaps not in the same format as in the past with extravagant runway presentations. Some have suggested something more in line with Alaia. No runway shows, just clients, who will always be the backbone of a business, not the people who own it.
Below are pictures from Lacroix's previous shows to compare with the latest sombre outing. Enjoy.



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