Who the fuck cares really. Well I do. OK so I thought about it. FUUUUUCK. Watches kinda are underrated these days when cell phones replaced Baby-G's sometime in the 90's.
I just ordered this sweet new watch. It's by Nixon. I'm not one for surf brands but this one made me so excited I jumped off my seat a little and sharted.
I never owned a baby g. My brother did. He lost that weird metal/rubber clip thingy attached to it. My Mum was majorly pissed.

Ahh, remember the days when everything you bought was made from cloudy rubber and came in primary colours? Well that's me re-living those mo's with the Nixon.
I'm also trying to channel my inner 16 yo Tokyo rittalin addict like this hot slut. Seriously, bitch has a koala bear. You know she feeds it wasabi peas and talks to it in a scary baby voice on the train back home from therapy.


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