OK so you all know about the Costume Institute Gala at the Met in NY. The latest on had the theme of Model As Muse.
The focus then (in a nut shell) was the relationship between models and designers, photoographers etc.
Many assumed Alaia would be featured, if not included in the exhibition.
Well that didn't happen.
Seven dresses were made by Alaia for some of his closest model friends, including Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour. He asked them not to wear the dresses on the night as it seemed "silly" to have them wear his dresses when he wan't represented in the exhibition.
When the chief costume curator, Harold Koda of the Met was asked for comment on the glaring omission of Alaia he said he had not been asked to loan garments for this exhibit, despite his history with models, because the curators didn’t believe the designer would agree to participate in a group show.
Umm, they 'didn't think'. Hmm, why didn't they fucking ask?
Many are saying it's Anna's doing because Alaia doesn't advertise in Vogue. This may be true when you consider Wintour is a renowned cunt and how many guests were wearing Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs on the opening night.
Then we get to poor, distraught Marc Jacobs. “He’s very upset. Azzedine is a great friend of mine. I admire him so much… He’s had a huge influence on the way women are shaped, the way women look. I do think he’s one of the greatest influences. I’m really sad that he’s not part of this exhibition.”
If I were Alaia and anyone had done this to me, they wouldn't be a great friend, they'd be a cunt, a massive cunt.


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