What will they think of next? American Apparel have really outdone thmselves this season. Twelve whole fucking dollars for a scrunchie. I don't care if it's made in LA, kids can make them in sewing classes at school for 20 cents. As for the assless tights? I didn't realise AA were catering for hookers. I'm gonna hold out for a terry-cloth strap-on.


Hot images of Kate Moss for her new Topshop collection featuring loads animal prints on shorty naughty dresses.
I don't care how photo-shopped she is I still love her. Sure she looks like a manga character from Final Fantasy but don't tell me you wouldn't tap it. Go on, tap that ass!


The designers at Common Projects always manage to make me froth my jocks each season. Last season it was the patent midnight blue mid-top. This season it's their creamy leather desert boot. Mass drool. They're available at Oki Ni for about 235 pounds which is just under AU$500 which is about too fucking much for me right now.
I'm saving so I can bum around Berlin so no decadent leathergoods for me, it's vinyl pirate boots all the way. Yarg.


I always have a blog post called 'Tranny Alert'. This is usually reserved for a grand dame that is often not a tranny. In fact, they're usually women (see my Eurovision post on the hot mess from Sweden).
Thailand recently held their Tranny Of 2009 pageant (not it's actual name, I just can't be fucked fact checking) and what a sight.
Glamorous gowns, coiffed hair, sparkling CZ jewels dripping from their delicate bodies. There was nothing Patpong champagne room about it.
The former Miss Tranny pictured crowning the new Miss Tranny is just seething. She's muttering "bitch, you'll be cleaning hotel rooms in Singapore, you wait".





Unfortch I didn't see any of Eurovision except for the Norwegian winner who was quite a hot piece with his violin. He looked charming in a white shirt and waistcoat. Very dapper.
More importantly, lets not forget about the true meaning of Eurovision: What the fuck were you thinking? fashion.


Natalie Portman attended the Correspondents Dinner at the White House recently and was reportedly wearing Balenciaga.
The neckline is gorgeous and is definitely Balenciaga, but from what season? I did a little snooping around the interwebs and thought maybe it was from a capsule collection but I can't fucking find it.
It definitely runs in the same vein as the AW 2004 collection but alas the dress from AW04 has a cut-out below the breast. Why do I care? I don't fucking know but it's bugging me. Any ideas?


Karl Lagerfeld took the latest cruise collection to Venice. I'm sure y'all know about it and have had a gander at the clothes.
I found the palette too wintery. But whatever, not every cruise collection has to be red, white & blue with sailing motifs.
Han Jin looked amazing just swaying down the catwalk with a trail of silk behind her.
I previously thought it was Liu Wen. Oopsies. I'm fucking dumb at picking models.
Another hot addition to the collection were these rad looking lycra running shorts with lace. Hey Karl, Madonna called, she wants her shorts back.


OK so you all know about the Costume Institute Gala at the Met in NY. The latest on had the theme of Model As Muse.
The focus then (in a nut shell) was the relationship between models and designers, photoographers etc.
Many assumed Alaia would be featured, if not included in the exhibition.
Well that didn't happen.
Seven dresses were made by Alaia for some of his closest model friends, including Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour. He asked them not to wear the dresses on the night as it seemed "silly" to have them wear his dresses when he wan't represented in the exhibition.
When the chief costume curator, Harold Koda of the Met was asked for comment on the glaring omission of Alaia he said he had not been asked to loan garments for this exhibit, despite his history with models, because the curators didn’t believe the designer would agree to participate in a group show.
Umm, they 'didn't think'. Hmm, why didn't they fucking ask?
Many are saying it's Anna's doing because Alaia doesn't advertise in Vogue. This may be true when you consider Wintour is a renowned cunt and how many guests were wearing Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs on the opening night.
Then we get to poor, distraught Marc Jacobs. “He’s very upset. Azzedine is a great friend of mine. I admire him so much… He’s had a huge influence on the way women are shaped, the way women look. I do think he’s one of the greatest influences. I’m really sad that he’s not part of this exhibition.”
If I were Alaia and anyone had done this to me, they wouldn't be a great friend, they'd be a cunt, a massive cunt.


This is my good friend Jason. He falls under my list of hot friends. I have a list of ugly friends too but more on Jason. Not sure what he was wearing but I know he got this Jacqui E draped shit from Savers and now it looks like bespoke Nom D.
If I were to wear it, people would be like "nice Jacqui E top you fag".

ps) The hideous CR bag in the bottom left hand corner belongs to yours truly