Top Shop has opened it's first store in the US. In New York. Kate Moss was there to help open the store and apparently took off after doing a catwalk strut around the store.
Why the fuck Marc Jacobs was there is beyond me. He was there with his identikit boyfriend, sorry, fiancee. He's suuuch a fag. They look the same, is that narcissistic or what? I don't want to post a pic of their greasy mugs on here, only Kate's.
Back to Kate. She looked like the ultimate truck stop hooker going out on a date in between shifts. A refresher towel, a douche of femme-fresh for the gynie and she's ready to go. I'll love her no matter how busted her face gets.


Fashion Faux-Party said...

All that Kate Moss is missing in this picture is a can of Smirnoff Black in her hands. I know you love her, NoTrends, but I just think the 'Aging Whore' look is SOOOOOO last season.
Love your work though.

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