I want to be nice, I really do but so far OZ fash week is failing to impress and so far I’ve only seen three collections. Camilla & Mark, Ginger & Smart and Bec & Bridge. Three double-barrelled brand names. If Oz designers really want to set themselves apart (surely they do) from their European counterparts then an element of originality is required.

Camilla & Mark showed a collection of body-con dresses, mostly in black with accents of gold. Australian buyers will be ooing and aahing at this collection I’m sure but all I could see was ideas inspired by the European collections. YSL boots, Prada Gold, Margiela nudes and squared Vuitton shoulders. But kudos to two beautiful zig-zag printed dresses. There’s no question that Camilla & Mark have a dedicated audience in Australia and in many cases, accessible, recycled trends from Europe won’t be a problem for their customers. Sure, a high-waisted, crinkled Prada skirt would be nice but the price tag is a guaranteed deterrent for most. This doesn’t make it alright and neither does the cry “we’re a season behind!”.

Then there was a pink Ginger & Smart tunic or was it a Marni? Bec & Bridge did Gucci-lite, or worse, Zara with studded belts, hippy dippy dresses and skirts.
I can't be fucked showing images as it's not really worth it.


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