I've recently fallen in love with Longchamp. It's been a brief affair and I feel it's time to make a committment. I took a look at their site and found a bag that is simply to die!
It's from their 'Zip' line. It's all crackled black leather with blue highlights. Sigh!
So I did a wee sniff around Melbourne to find any stockists. Hunt Leather on Collins street have a reasonable range of Longchamp goodies but not this bag. So I e-mailed them for further info and was told the bag I'm getting wet over is in the range of AU$2750. Booo! Boo to you Hunt Leather for dashing my dreams. They tried to palm off a similar bag in Mocha but it's just not the same. The price is around AU$2000 which isn't as bad but it still breaks the bank.
The upsetting thing is that I'm too old for a sugar-daddy and to be a hooker. Anyway, gay men rarely pay for sex unless you're barely legal.
So tell me what you think. I'll have to post a picture of my current bag in all it's busted glory. It really screams day-shift rest-reserve slag.


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