Alpha 60 showed printed oversized t-shirts inspired by photographer Katerina Jebb. Either that or they were prints by Jebb.
Hockney-esque colour palette, colour blocked dresses, pants and tops. It was nice and coherent but they need to lift their game. Printed t-shirts are fine and serve as bread and butter for a brand like Alpha 60 but it’s not really runway material.


Wayne Cooper. Wow, massive ocular vomit inducing show. All the models looked like Kristy Hinze. How embarry. Case in point…

Annah Stretton had a great collection of soft, flirty, dresses in 80’s pastels mixed with harder leather pieces, some featuring studs. It was great, even if the juxtapositions were obvious. We get it Anna, hard and soft. I’ll try and get a quote if I can to prove my point. Hehe.

Oh and her's a quote about the collection from Stretton's website:
The Boy I Left Behind - a collection of distinctly feminine pieces with a sharp edge for those who were ‘Born to be Wild.’


Lee showed a strong collection featuring some beautifully structured, papery lantern jackets with pyramid-like shoulders. Dress shapes were brief, stream-lined affairs that gave a slight nod to futurism and Hussein Chalayan. A palette of off-white, cobalt, nudey-beige and black (think Givenchy) and hey presto, one of the most directional collections of the season. Oh and a stompy looking almond-toe platform which is simply to die. Cut-outs were a-plenty, featured on a perforated leather jacket and a smart LBD, the latter more successful despite the obvious Balenciaga reference.

Zimmerman? Blurgh, Florals, draping, nipped waists, macramé swimsuits. Whatever.

Zambesi? Dull, bar one fuschia look that popped off the runway. Gimmicky holster-like binding didn’t help the cause.




I want to be nice, I really do but so far OZ fash week is failing to impress and so far I’ve only seen three collections. Camilla & Mark, Ginger & Smart and Bec & Bridge. Three double-barrelled brand names. If Oz designers really want to set themselves apart (surely they do) from their European counterparts then an element of originality is required.

Camilla & Mark showed a collection of body-con dresses, mostly in black with accents of gold. Australian buyers will be ooing and aahing at this collection I’m sure but all I could see was ideas inspired by the European collections. YSL boots, Prada Gold, Margiela nudes and squared Vuitton shoulders. But kudos to two beautiful zig-zag printed dresses. There’s no question that Camilla & Mark have a dedicated audience in Australia and in many cases, accessible, recycled trends from Europe won’t be a problem for their customers. Sure, a high-waisted, crinkled Prada skirt would be nice but the price tag is a guaranteed deterrent for most. This doesn’t make it alright and neither does the cry “we’re a season behind!”.

Then there was a pink Ginger & Smart tunic or was it a Marni? Bec & Bridge did Gucci-lite, or worse, Zara with studded belts, hippy dippy dresses and skirts.
I can't be fucked showing images as it's not really worth it.


Bitch was out partying and gone ripped her Balmain dress. Bear in mind a Balmain dress can range anywhere from around AU$14000-$30000 but who cares, she could use it to wipe up coke dust off the floor if she wanted. This is not the first time she's fucked up a dress either. In September 2007 she wore a vintage gown and ripped the back of it so she tied it up and made it into a mini dress. Rock n roll.


It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of iconic TV actress Bea Arthur.

Bea was 86 and died of cancer.

Bea was known for her wry, sarcastic portrayal of Dorothy Sbornak from The Golden Girls. I fucking love The Golden Girls. So far I only have season one on DVD and a total of seven seasons were made. That’s more than SATC. Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker will dance on Bea’s grave, I don’t know. But what I do know is that Bea Arthur was amazing. She was built like a man with a voice to match and always had the best outfits on GG’s. No one did Miami sports-casual like Bea.


Not in my books. Not sure what she was thinking when she got dressed. Maybe her new boyfriend did the honours? Where exactly does one find a denim slip-dress? And that scarf? Baffling.


I've recently fallen in love with Longchamp. It's been a brief affair and I feel it's time to make a committment. I took a look at their site and found a bag that is simply to die!
It's from their 'Zip' line. It's all crackled black leather with blue highlights. Sigh!
So I did a wee sniff around Melbourne to find any stockists. Hunt Leather on Collins street have a reasonable range of Longchamp goodies but not this bag. So I e-mailed them for further info and was told the bag I'm getting wet over is in the range of AU$2750. Booo! Boo to you Hunt Leather for dashing my dreams. They tried to palm off a similar bag in Mocha but it's just not the same. The price is around AU$2000 which isn't as bad but it still breaks the bank.
The upsetting thing is that I'm too old for a sugar-daddy and to be a hooker. Anyway, gay men rarely pay for sex unless you're barely legal.
So tell me what you think. I'll have to post a picture of my current bag in all it's busted glory. It really screams day-shift rest-reserve slag.


Uma Thurman is set to be the face of a new Givenchy perfume. It's rumoured to be launched this September. Tres exciting y'all.
I love, love, love Uma Thurman. It sounds fucking cliched but she is a classic beauty.
Just for funsies I put in a shot from the Batman movie in which she played Poison Ivy. Quite possibly one of her worst looks. I've seen drag queens with more restraint.


Top Shop has opened it's first store in the US. In New York. Kate Moss was there to help open the store and apparently took off after doing a catwalk strut around the store.
Why the fuck Marc Jacobs was there is beyond me. He was there with his identikit boyfriend, sorry, fiancee. He's suuuch a fag. They look the same, is that narcissistic or what? I don't want to post a pic of their greasy mugs on here, only Kate's.
Back to Kate. She looked like the ultimate truck stop hooker going out on a date in between shifts. A refresher towel, a douche of femme-fresh for the gynie and she's ready to go. I'll love her no matter how busted her face gets.


Lightning indeed does strike twice. For Christian Lacroix anyway.
This is the second time in recent memory that a Lacroix dress has garnered less than popular approval.
The victim? Tilda Swinton. The sleeves are all wrong on this dress but I have only praise for her brave choice.
The other fashion 'disaster' as dubbed by the mainstream press was Uma Thurman in 2004. Swiss Miss and deranged milkmaid were just some of the terms used to describe Thurman's dress. I say fresh and daring!