Fuck, I feel a bit tardy posting info and shizzle on three fashion weeks. It's true, I've been lazy and haven't felt very inspired to write.
Anyway, Milan is done and I get the distinct feeling alot of editors and writers are just over it.
Somehow '80's Disco' has been construed by reporters for alot of Milan collections. Was there ever such a thing as disco in the 80's?
Wild accusations pointing at designers who were supposedly inspired by Balmains big shouldered looks from last season. It's not like Christophe Decarnin invented the big shoulder. It was Alexis Carrington Colby wasn't it?
For some reason this trend has been shot down. I think it needs to be given a chance.
As for disco, well, many designers were trying to make black interesting and what came of that was shiny, sparkly fabrics.
Not sure if I felt there were any standout collections from Milan. Perhaps Burberry.

London really surprised. There was so much creativity this season, particularly with knitwear.

So I made a little list of trends I've noticed so far. Some good, some not so:

Stripes- Christopher Kane, House Of Holland, Central Saint Martins

Squared-off shoulder- Julien Mcdonald, Marc Jacobs

Fur-covered arms: Donna Karan, Proenza Schouler, Marni, countless others I can't remember.

Metallics- Christopher Kane

A noticeable lack of accessories this season.

Jewelled leggings- Zac Posen, Doo-Ri

Cut-outs- got alot of buzz in NY

This season is all about getting a great coat. There's plenty to choose from but start with Aquascutum, Burberry and of course Max Mara.

So now off to Paris. Not literally me. I'm broke, in Melbourne and dreaming of getting a new leather bag. It's so hard to find a decent bag. I'm thinking LV or Longchamp. LV is just so predictable and wanky. Longchamp is admittedly more in my price range.

OK, I'll upload some pictures and any suggestions or fierce disagreements on my trend report are greatly welcomed. Bring it fashion sluts!



Central Saint Martins Graduate

Christopher Kane

Bottega Veneta


Donna Karan