Seeing I have a bit of a break right now I thought I'd update my much-neglected blog.
Just quickly, New York Fashion Week was a bit of a bore to be honest, much like last season. I'm not one of those fashionistas who blow Marc Jacobs every time he does a new collection but I gotta give credit where it's due: The Marc Jacobs collection was stellar. There I said it. I've concluded the reasoning behind it is that it was so
European, right down to the beaten straw hats that looked tres chic.
Rodarte were fantastic as usual. They really build on each collection so instead of getting a brand new story for each collection it's always a continuation from the last one. So they still had there delicate as all fuck dresses & the killer heels continued, this time inspired by C3PO from Star Wars.

London? London was a bit hit & miss & to be honest I don't really care that next season they'll have four days instead of six. It'll be an opportunity to weed out the crap designers & only have the best raw talent on show.
Christopher Kane was fantastic, I metaphorically suck his dick every season but he deserves it. Not only does he have the creativity, he's got the skills & finish to boot. Those gorilla print dresses will fly off racks & apparently they'll come in a more accessible t-shirt option (the bread & butter of many small labels).

Topshop Unique really surprised me. I fell off my chair at how cool this collection was. They even had Ladyhawke's Paris Is Burning as the opening track. Choice!
They really picked several key trends from the 80's & made them relevant. No ra ra skirts, no crimped hair, fuck that, it was sharp jackets with playful prints & rags tied in their hair a la Cyndi Lauper. Fuck yeah, gotta get me some poly rags for my do. This trend is gonna go nuts, I can feel it.

Anywayz, London is done, Milan has started & Ferre have done quite an intersting collection. Very sculptural like Ferre was & great use of colour. Some of the pieces really needed a good dose of editing. Either that or the design assistants are scared shitless of being fired if they tell the head designers what they really thought about some of the garments. Like there was this dress that had massive rounded pockets that kinda looked like half-bowls or something. Anyway, can't wait for the usual designers I love to show, Burberry, 6267, Gucci et al.