Oh God I'm Back

It's been tooo long. Really it has. I've missed you all so much & I feel like such a terrible blogger....nah, I could give a fuck. I've been mass' busy at school (had to create an entire outfit!) but now I'm on a break & all is well.
So since I last blogged quite alot has happened in the world of fashion....in no particular order

*Resort collections (what the fuck's with that anyway?)

*SS 08/09 menswear collections

*YSL passed away

*Gareth Pugh is going to Paris

*LV & Comme Des Garcon collaborate on handbag line

*Alexander McQueen opens new store in LA, will return to advertising in magazines & cut back on show expenditures (so sad)

*Chloe has a new head designer. Paolo Melim Andersson makes sure the hand-pieced silk screen door doesn't hit his ass on the way out.

*Sex & The City movie released to much fan-fare. Except for Vivienne Westwood.

Oh god the list goes ya know.

So yeah, what exactly IS going on with Resort? 5 years ago anyone worth their Pierre Hardy gladiator boots would've said "resort who?" Now it's full on shows & extravaganzas. Fuck, I mean look at Karl at Chanel. It borders on fashion porn.

Speaking of fashion porn, Sex & The City the movie. Any thoughts? I'm a die-hard fan of SATC & I know everyone who watched SATC would say that but I've watched every episode a zillion times. Love it. Can't get enough. But the movie? Didn't like it that much. I'm die-hard as I've already told you so there's no questions about me buying the DVD but the fashion was too overwhelming & I actually felt sickened. There I said it. Please don't get me wrong, I love the show it's just the amount of product placement & the thousands, likely millions of dollars companies paid to hawk their wares in the film.....you have to agree, no matter how much you loved the movie, you have to agree with me, it was often sickening. Phew. I'm almost done, promise.

*Menswear in Milan. I'm not a huge follower of menswear, despite being male (but I'm a gay male so whatevs) but I still had to look at what was on offer. Jil Sander was fantastic despite the average reviews. I still love ya Raf.

*Chloe gives the boot to Paolo. Honestly I never liked what he did. Yes, if he'd actually been given more than three seasons he would've found his groove but they were shit. There was a steep curve from his first 2 collections to the last. The first two were very 'I'm here, fuck you Phoebe Philo loving bitches, this is what fashion is about' but then the last collection was more 'ok you were right'. Can't remember the new designers name but she's worked on the Chloe team for quite a few years from what I've heard so that's a good sign.

OK, that's enough for now. I'm drinking cheap wine while typing this & gradually getting more drunk & think I've overwhelmed you all enough with my opinions so scream back at me, leave a comment, tell me to go fuck myself with a slingback, I'll take it all in my stride, promise.


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