For the past few months my ears pricked up every time I heard the mention of Halston being resuscitated by Harvey Weinstein, an ex-Versace designer & Rachel 'I'm more influential than Wintour' Zoe. So I was excited to see what they'd come up with & to be fair it wasn't half bad. Sure it wasn't ground-breaking but neither was Halston himself. The man made shirt dresses & simple billowy gowns for New York's downtown hip & drug-fucked (Liza Minelli sans hip, natch).
The fabrics were beautiful, the silhouettes went from body-con to flowing goddess & the colours were great, all without making bumbling references to the past.
As much as I enjoyed this collection I don't see this venture lasting more than two to three seasons. Halston's fashion history was too short & is now skewered to one decade, the 70's, leaving little for the head designer to bounce off (look what happened at Biba). Sure Weinstein is doing this mostly for his gf who incidentally is part of the design team but like all great businessmen he'll want profit eventually & profit doesn't come without accessories.
They might want to act quick & run up some sample bags & get them in a showroom quickly. Images below. PS) Since body-con has returned is it just my imagination or are models now at their most painfully thin. The girl in the pants needs a Big Mac stat!)


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