Those of you familiar with a Dior/Galliano show will be aware of the excessive makeup used on the models eyes & brow. Last week I was flicking through images of the Dior Couture show with a friend when he commented that they looked like drag queens. I initially snorted at such an offensive comment but slowly it dawned on me as I flicked through image after image of girls who with each passing second were slowly transforming into bitter, ugly drag queens. It looks like Pat Mcgrath detonated party poppers on their faces & was like 'fuck it, John won't beable to tell the difference'.
As much as I love the extreme pageantry of the looks, it's in danger of becoming seriously dated.
Anyway, here's some images of my fave 'girls'.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore the last two. I posted about the same Dior show/make up.. but i loved it! i see what you mean though - any more and it starts lurking into dangerous waters..

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