I don't know about you guys but this is by far without a doubt the jewel in the crown of fashion. So far Dior, Chanel, Hash, Lacroix, Armani & Givenchy have shown a myriad of looks that are more deserving of a better name than merely clothes. This is art. High art.
OK so now the fun stuff. Galliano did his usual OTT thing with smatterings of Jewels, though he is really restraining himself these days & you can tell he finds it tough.
Lagerfeld redeemed himself after the dreadfully fug SS08/09 RTW collection. You can see Keira Knightely on the cover of the latest W issue wearing living proof that all designers have their off days. I'm all for a broader shoulder thanks to the convincing eye of Alber Elbaz but Karl honey, over-extended epaulettes in denim? I'll pass. So one of the themes for Chanel this couture season was the classic Chanel jacket in all it's gilt button glory. He really hit the mark by sticking to a strong colour palette of black & a heavenly shade of grey. As for the ballet flats? Not sure but they'll definitely get alot of orders for them. I bet there's many billionaire wives who are just dying to wear flats without having to explain themselves. Hello, they're Chanel, don't question me.
Hash, Lacroix, Armani: the usual, no time for them despite the fact they are all spectacular designers, particularly Hash.
Finally, Givenchy. Ricardo Tisci is an intriguing man. For the past ten years the house of Givenchy has had a revolving door like a strip club. Galliano did a season, Mcqueen a few, Julien Mcdonald even had a go. So it's interesting to see a designer settling in at Givenchy, especially someone like Tisci who wouldn't normally spring to mind when thinking about the classic LBD or Hubert Givenchy. Anyway, it was by far his best collection so far & he just keeps on improving every season. The colours, fabrics & silhouette are all used to devastatingly beautiful effect, he is truly a talented visionary. OK now I need to jerk off to those works of art. I'll add images tomorrow. Love you all!


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