Those of you familiar with a Dior/Galliano show will be aware of the excessive makeup used on the models eyes & brow. Last week I was flicking through images of the Dior Couture show with a friend when he commented that they looked like drag queens. I initially snorted at such an offensive comment but slowly it dawned on me as I flicked through image after image of girls who with each passing second were slowly transforming into bitter, ugly drag queens. It looks like Pat Mcgrath detonated party poppers on their faces & was like 'fuck it, John won't beable to tell the difference'.
As much as I love the extreme pageantry of the looks, it's in danger of becoming seriously dated.
Anyway, here's some images of my fave 'girls'.


Mulberry campaigns just never seem to hit the spot. This looks like an out-take from the Chloe SS 07/08 shoot. And are they khaki cargos I see? Hey Mulberry, Banana Republic called, they want their pants back.


Let's not forget what this multi-billion dollar industry is all about. Cold, hard bags.


Beautiful if not uninspired. There's nothing more I can add to this. Any suggestions?


Call me old-fashioned but I can't help but cheer when I see day old bread popped in the oven for a few minutes to make it crispy. Is this the worst analogy ever typed? Is this one of the best YSL campaigns I've ever seen? Yes & yes.


Below are just some of the images from Paris Couture SS08/09, including Valentino's final show (weep). While Valentino offered nothing new, that shit was tight. The cuts of the jackets were flawless. Ladies who lunch across the world will be lining up at the atelier.




Versace (surprisingly elegant)



I don't know about you guys but this is by far without a doubt the jewel in the crown of fashion. So far Dior, Chanel, Hash, Lacroix, Armani & Givenchy have shown a myriad of looks that are more deserving of a better name than merely clothes. This is art. High art.
OK so now the fun stuff. Galliano did his usual OTT thing with smatterings of Jewels, though he is really restraining himself these days & you can tell he finds it tough.
Lagerfeld redeemed himself after the dreadfully fug SS08/09 RTW collection. You can see Keira Knightely on the cover of the latest W issue wearing living proof that all designers have their off days. I'm all for a broader shoulder thanks to the convincing eye of Alber Elbaz but Karl honey, over-extended epaulettes in denim? I'll pass. So one of the themes for Chanel this couture season was the classic Chanel jacket in all it's gilt button glory. He really hit the mark by sticking to a strong colour palette of black & a heavenly shade of grey. As for the ballet flats? Not sure but they'll definitely get alot of orders for them. I bet there's many billionaire wives who are just dying to wear flats without having to explain themselves. Hello, they're Chanel, don't question me.
Hash, Lacroix, Armani: the usual, no time for them despite the fact they are all spectacular designers, particularly Hash.
Finally, Givenchy. Ricardo Tisci is an intriguing man. For the past ten years the house of Givenchy has had a revolving door like a strip club. Galliano did a season, Mcqueen a few, Julien Mcdonald even had a go. So it's interesting to see a designer settling in at Givenchy, especially someone like Tisci who wouldn't normally spring to mind when thinking about the classic LBD or Hubert Givenchy. Anyway, it was by far his best collection so far & he just keeps on improving every season. The colours, fabrics & silhouette are all used to devastatingly beautiful effect, he is truly a talented visionary. OK now I need to jerk off to those works of art. I'll add images tomorrow. Love you all!


Nepalese prints inspired another sharp menswear collection from Mcqueen. Beautiful tailoring & immaculate details for a mountains meets downtown London look. Most of his favoured silhouettes made an appearance, the red clay coloured shaggy coat in particular was a welcome return, the belted blanket...well not so much. A strikingly similar look was used in his forgettable 60's inspired AW05 womenswear collection. I'm all for signature looks but a blanket? If I want a picnic I know where I'll be going to get supplies.


Old airbrushed supers beached on old airbrushed cars. What will they think of next? This campaign is boring & lacks imagination, much like the clothes.


2008, fuck I'm old.
Hope you all had a wonderful new year, I know I did. My friends & I skipped the city & took a train to the country, hired a shitty motel room & took acid.
So good to be posting again & what better way to start the new year than by posting Jennifer Connolly in Balenciaga's SS 08/09 campaign. Structured florals! Oh that get's me hard. Enjoy!