Dior Schmior

After looking at the latest collection from John Galliano for Dior & wasn't going to post anything because frankly, I thought it was one of the most uninspired collections I've seen from him. About an hour ago I was looking at Bryanboy.com (for those not in the know, Bryanboy is a 3rd world flip uberstar) site & he'd posted an item about the Dior show with the same image I've posted.
I really wanna cut Galliano some slack considering I've loved soooo many previous collections from him & I've no doubt he's completely fucked after doing all the 60th anniversary stuff for Dior this year BUT this collection lacked substance. Yes it's RTW & in reality it should be wearable but Galliano is about fantasy non?
He shoulda gone out on a limb like he always does & if the shit don't sell, fuck it, there's plenty of teens buying Dior Cherie & countless old Park Ave divorcees in need of a new bag & some press powder.
So whaddya think?

Marry Me Nicolas!

He's done it again. Nicolas Ghesquire of Balenciaga sent last seasons collegiate football girls off to finishing school on a distant planet. Six months later they've returned, resplendent in razor cut florals with organic shoulders & killer boots.
I'm blown away by the ideas that come out of this house each & every season. My one criticism, where's the bags?