Milan Fashion Week Part One

Guys I'm just wetting myself with joy right now. Everytime I go on the net there's always new collections just in & it's such a treat to see whats been cooked up in fashion houses around the world. This is truly one of my favourite times of the year. Fuck Christmas. Santa needs to fire all those migrant Elves & relocate to a factory in Milan I'm tellin ya.
I'm only gonna post images from Jil Sander because Raf Simons is the only designer that's doing anything fresh. At Sander there was the usual strict colour palette this time shot with dusty orange & toxic fuschia. Fabulous. Then there was the array of wispy dresses that had a deep core fading to the edges of hems & sleeves like a soft focus lens. Sublime.
Sander aside, what's the deal with Italians & beige? Have I missed something? Maybe there's a romantic quality about looking like a windswept dirt path that I just don't get.
Muiccia did the usual 'fuck last season' & moved in an entirely new direction with flared trousers, sketchy fairy prints & melted cheongsams. It's always refreshing to see someone creating new looks that challenge the average joe but when Prada does it, well, it's expected & thus becomes slightly predictable. So if next season she does a collection of full 50's skirts with belted cardigans I'll no doubt be blown away.


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