Ludicrous Much?

How the fuck did they swing this one? I think Posh tried to sleep with the editors of W but got denied. Instead she had to give up a few of her Birkin bags. God knows the bitch has like 20 of em.
Everyone bemoans P&B, particularly P, not so much B coz he's so pretty, but fuck it, I think she's fabulous. There I said it.
Yeah she doesn't have that certain je ne sais quoi but I give her snaps for her fearless, often misguided sense of style. And lets face it, the bitch loves to shop. She doesn't have a job to speak of so why hire a fucking stylist to do your dress bidding? When this US TV reality show of hers comes out, you'll be laughing at her dumb as dog-shit husband, not her. The man is stoopid. Plus he has this creepy little boy voice. It's frightening & not hot.


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