Ludicrous Much?

How the fuck did they swing this one? I think Posh tried to sleep with the editors of W but got denied. Instead she had to give up a few of her Birkin bags. God knows the bitch has like 20 of em.
Everyone bemoans P&B, particularly P, not so much B coz he's so pretty, but fuck it, I think she's fabulous. There I said it.
Yeah she doesn't have that certain je ne sais quoi but I give her snaps for her fearless, often misguided sense of style. And lets face it, the bitch loves to shop. She doesn't have a job to speak of so why hire a fucking stylist to do your dress bidding? When this US TV reality show of hers comes out, you'll be laughing at her dumb as dog-shit husband, not her. The man is stoopid. Plus he has this creepy little boy voice. It's frightening & not hot.

Spring 08 Menswear Highlights

Well this season has moved slightly away from the techno futurist fabrics of season yore towards more natural fabrics such as cotton & silk. Thats not really important but what is, is the use of colour. Alot, like seriously, more than three designers all commented on artist David Hockney as a primary inspiration for the colours used. What resulted was a wishy washy melange of powdery blues, pinks & dove grey. Silhouettes are slimming thanks to the pioneering efforts of Hedi Slimane but not ultra clingy. A fair whack of ease has been put into shirts, tops & jackets. Fabrics appear thin, crunchy & stiff, almost like paper, particularly at BV & Marni.
Just gorgeous. Standout collections were Bottega Veneta, Lanvin, Jil Sander & Marni.

Bottega Veneta

Shoe of the season from Lanvin

Hot geeks at Marni

Jil Sander

A Pair Of Hot Sluts

Uncle Karl AND Uncle Blahnik! Man, I'd tap em both balls deep from behind. Or maybe we'd make a sandwich. Mmmm, two pieces of day old bread filled with a prime cut of beef.
They were hangin out in Rome for Valentino's alleged final couture show.

New Life For Old Couture

Ricardo Tisci has presented an utterly modern collection for Givenchy this season. Some critics are still finding it difficult (after several seasons now) to give praise to this talented designer. No, they're too busy sucking Valentino's withered cock in Italy along with such minor celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, wife of Matthew Broderick.