Shoe-in, haha, kill me now.

One of few things that make me wet besides a dip in the pool. Pierre Hardy shoes. Genius.
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Ksubi jeans stolen from Fat

Some schoolmates told me they went into the Fat store in Fitzroy & the shop assistant was all huffy. The assistant apologized & explained the store was burgled last night. Should a shop girl be divulging this info? Whatever. So apparently, the thieve(s) smashed the front window, walked straight to the back of the store & lifted a ridiculous amount of Ksubi jeans.
Nothing else.
Thats right, apparently nothing else was stolen. I don't know about you but I think that's one savvy thief. Though it is a bit of a no-brainer. I mean, these would sell the quickest on e-bay. And for what, like $200 a pair? Multiply by say 30, you've pocketed six grand.
I wish I were brave/smart enough to do that. Little chance now though coz they've got big steel shutters on the windows now. It kinda looks like a prison. A chic prison.
Anyway, I hardly pity the owner. They have most Melburnians between the ages of say 14-25 parting with their cash for the latest threads. I shudder to think how much they make a week between all their stores. They have like 3 now right?
Whats funny is they tried to scrimp on security. And for what? The store fit-out is tres tres cheap.
I mean, fuck, you open a store on Brunswick st, the shitty end no less. Hello, theres a state apartment ghetto less than a kilometre away